We know it’s not enjoyable having to pick up after your dog, but we have got you covered. AZ Poo Patrol is here to take this off of your todo list. With AZ Poo Patrol you don’t have to worry about cleaning up dog waste or disposing of it, we take care of it for you. Our professional waste removal staff will help keep your yard clean and free of dog poop. We are a locally owned company that will set you up on a regular schedule to keep your yard up to par and you can worry less about where you are stepping.
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Our Services are Simple and Clean

We offer services at different times and frequencies to make sure we provide the best service for you and your pets. We have biweekly, weekly, twice weekly, monthly and more.

Get Rid of Your Dog’s Poop With AZ Poo Patrol

We come over on our scheduled days. We start in one area of your yard and work in a particular pattern making sure not to miss any waste. We use our own pooper scooper and bags and also take all waste with us when we leave, no stinky trash cans here. We will take a second walk through making sure we didn’t miss anything. Once we are done we clean our tools and disinfect our shoes so we don’t track anything from yard to yard.

You can count on this Queen Creek dog waste removal service to get the job done in a prompt, efficient manner. Aside from getting rid of the unpleasant smell of dog waste, you will also eliminate the pain and frustration of bending over. With a 100% guarantee, you can rest assured that your home will be completely poop-free! Not only that, but AZ Poo Patrol will also stand behind our work. Aside from a reliable, professional service, we are also always available for phone calls. Contact us today at
(480) 493-0106
and we can help you find the solution to your family’s pet dilemma!
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Why Choose AZ Poo Patrol

Our pet waste removal services are affordable.
We customize our services to fit your unique needs.
The pooper scooper technicians are fully insured, background checked, uniformed, and arrive in branded vehicles.
We stand by our high-quality standards by providing a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Reliable Dog Poop Removal Service in AZ

Choosing a reliable dog poop scooping service in Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas is one of the best ways to avoid a messy dog waste problem. While dog poop is a nuisance, it is also highly hazardous to people and animals. If you don’t regularly pick up dog poop from your property, you’ll likely be exposed to harmful bacteria.

Using a dog poop removal service is a smart choice for any homeowner. A dog can leave a lot of pathogens in its waste, including distemper, giardia, leptospira, and listeria. Pet waste also has the potential to spread harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E. Coli. It’s important to keep these pathogens from spreading throughout your home.

Pet waste removal services in the East Valley.

AZ Poo Patrol is a professional dog poop removal service in Queen Creek, AZ and surrounding areas. Our services range from one-time cleanups to recurring schedules. Our service will remove germs and bacteria from dog waste. Whether your dog is a pit bull, a husky, or a mix of both, you can rest assured that the poop in your yard will be cleaned up thoroughly and safely.